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Event: 51st Annual Armed Forces Open
Location: Community Airmen's Center
1442 Concord Avenue
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
Dates: 9-11 October 2010
Entry Fee: Free. On-site registration required. See Registration section below.
Registration: Registration is from 0800 to 0845. You must check in by 0845 with tournament officials or you will not be paired for the 1st round. If you will be late and want to be paired for the first round, contact the tournament director prior to 0845.

To register, click here.
  Advance entries, click here.
Lodging: Billeting information will be posted once finalized.
Prizes: Trophies:
Top 3 by Branch, Top 3 by Class, and numerous special categories.
Bye: Only 2 (half point) byes are available. The byes must be requested before the first round.
Date Rd Rd Time Time Control
Saturday (9 Oct) 1 0900 G/90
2 1230 G/90
3 1600 G/120
Sunday (10 Oct) 4 0900 G/120
5 1400 30/90, SD/60
Monday (11 Oct) 6 0900 30/90, SD/60
Time Control: See above. Clocks using 5” delay will be reduced by 5 minutes from advertised control.
Team Scoring: Click here to read the Team Scoring System.
Details: USCF-rated event. Open to all Active Duty, Reserve, Military Retirees, Cadets, Midshipmen, and ROTC (with DoD ID) & the Coast Guard. USCF membership is required.

The format is 6-round Swiss. See  Schedule for specifics.
Questions: Email Mike Hoffpauir or call (757) 846-4805.
06 May 2010 22:48
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